We were assigned in Advanced Graphic Design class to create a press kit (personal branding) over the Christmas break and this is what I came up with.

JanDanBel_Set1 (26 of 27) (Custom)

Photos post-processed by Thurees Obenza


It was very challenging to create a new visual identity for myself because I had already been content with my old branding. (My old logo was composed of a black square that had my initals “jdb”, on center, set in Helvetica Neue.) I tried my best to create something that would deviate from my serious-looking branding that was inspired mostly by Massimo Vignelli’s work. It felt stressful and, at the same time, refreshing to establish something new.

JanDanBel_Set1 (23 of 27) (Custom)

As I tried to play around with my ideas, I came to realize that my old logo wasn’t entirely representative of my identity as a person and as a designer. It seemed too rigid, strict and unforgiving. Although it did reflect the ideal aesthetic that has inspired me for two years now, it was nothing like what my portfolio works show, so far.

At that point, I was sure that I wanted to create something that would be more friendly and appealing to the general audience, not only because it reflected my personality, but also as a way of admitting to myself that I had grown with a sort-of style that was less serious.

JanDanBel_Set1 (10 of 27) (Custom)

The emblem that I came up with contains a lot of meaning for me, though I’m not sure if it’s obvious to people even after I explain it. (I know that logos should, more often than not, be obvious at the first look, but this is a personal one so I guess I have the right to keep it the way I want it). It consists of a central circle surrounded by two half-toroids (I’m not sure if calling them toroids is correct, but at least I know they look like flat toroids or something).

The circle on the center stands for an idea, a message or basically the essence of what I’m designing. On the other hand, the two surrounding symbols are like cupped hands that wrap around the circle which, for me, stands for the way I wrap myself and my thoughts around my work, forming or moulding it into the appropriate material and giving justice to it while not entirely changing its essence.

JanDanBel_Set1 (18 of 27) (Custom)

In a deeper sense of thought, my logo embodies my attitude towards my projects. In retrospect, I realized that I have always been more driven by the function and purpose of my work rather than its final form or aesthetic value. The thought of creating something meaningful and purposeful makes all my hard work worthwhile.

JanDanBel_Set1 (12 of 27) (Custom)

One thing, though, that I retained from my old branding was my tagline, “Attention to Detail”. I feel that it still speaks much of my mild obsessive compulsiveness (I try to avoid mentioning this knowing that there are serious cases far more worthy of calling themselves “OC” but what the heck) and the way I can’t allow even the smallest details of my design to be mediocre, whether in its conceptualization stage or even after printing. In the end, it’s my commitment to quality and cohesiveness that sets my work apart from others.


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